How To Buy Things Online For Beginners?

Are you someone who just started using new technology and tech gadgets? You want to learn how to handle it and not appear like a caveman in front of others where even a three year old can swipe and unlock a smart phone and go to youtube to watch videos? Well this is your article. This article will basically cover how to do online shopping without getting yourself in to a tight corner where you have to run for help.

Technology advances daily and something that was the state of the art a couple of months ago may no longer hold the title today. It changes rapidly and sometimes it is hard to keep tab of it. But just because it is hard that does not mean you can give up on it and be a techno-phobe. Let’s for an example think that you want to buy wall clocks. Here is how you do it.

First go to your desktop and find your internet browser. It can be either Firefox, internet explorer, google chrome etc. depending on the browser that has been downloaded. Usually there is an icon on the desktop but if you can’t find it you can go to the start menu and find it from all programmes. Then once it loads you can go to an internet search engine like google or yahoo and type something like buy wall clocks online or something similar. If you dint know how to go to a search engine all you have to do is type google or yahoo on the topmost bar that is called the address bar where the address of the site usually appears. Check this site offer a great clocks products for your living space.

Then you will get hundreds of sites that sell what you want and you just have to click on the various sites from which you can chose from. Then what you have to do is to pay online. Usually people set up PayPal accounts to shop online and pay for it. It allows you to link your credit and debit card information so that you don’t have to re-enter all those info every time you need to buy something online. You can visit the PayPal website and easily set up an account. Click on signup for free, enter your email and password, fill out the personal info, enter credit card number and verify your account. That’s it. Then you are ready to start shopping!

The internet has both pros and cons like everything else in this world. Out duty is to make sure that we use it wisely for the purposes for which it was intended.

Summer Fair Ideas

With summer fairs just around the corner, you must be wondering as to how you can make a few bucks with it. The options are endless, of course, but here is a list of a few tried and tested.

Game stalls

You do not have a summer fair without the game stalls – this is something that is pretty much established. The fair will be filled with thousands of people who are on the constant look out for fun and games, and this is something you could capitalize on.
There are many summer games that people love, so make sure you choose one which suits your target audience best. For example, even though the game ‘Yucky Dip’ is suitable for children, the game ‘Water into Wine’ should only be played by those over 18. Thus, it is mandatory for you to know who you are catering to. Nevertheless, there is a long list to choose from – balloon pop, tin can alley, human fruit machine and hook a duck among many others.

Photo booths

The current generation has a mania for photos, so why not utilize it? Have a booth with a quality camera and a nice backdrop. A lot of people love taking souvenir photos when they go see places. Snap a picture, put it into a nice frame indicating the time and the place, and sell it to them! This is an extremely way to earn some few bucks at the fair, and also a way to help cherish memories.

Juice huts

The scorching sun, the humid air and the sweaty days end up making people extra thirsty. Thus, a good juice spot is something you should think about. For example, ice cold lemonade will be a definite hit – people love it for its refreshing nature. You can even do some slush. And no, it’s not expensive. Keep an eye out for slushie machines for sale and get a machine that suits your necessities. The crowd, specially the kids, adore slushie drinks, and hence this will be a worthy investment.

Many companies give technical and expert advice as they offer their carpigiani machines – which is definitely a plus point.
Apart from juices and slushies, you can also consider yummilicious snow cones and ice cream. No one says ‘no’ to these on a hot summer day. Dress them with attractive colours, and you are good to go!

Yummy cakes

Are you handy with your oven and can bake cakes that melt in the mouth? Then please go ahead. Everyone loves cake, and if you make your cakes moist and delicious, then it’s guaranteed that you will be a grand success. Think creatively and come up with new recipes if possible – it’s always lovely to be adventurous with cake. If not, stick to quality and taste.

Hats and what not

Summer is also the time of fashion – from hats to beaded bracelets, and from shorts to bikinis. If you have a reliable supplier, then this is something you should think of. Go for fiery colours of summer – and you will be rewarded!